Friday, May 12, 2017

Purple Martins Garden Polk Woodworking Plan.

Purple Martins Garden Polk Woodworking Plan - woodworking update.

Purple Martins Garden Polk Woodworking Plan - fee plans from WoodworkersWorkshop® Online Store - purple martins, bids,wildlife,birding,full sized patterns,woodworking plans,woodworkers projects,blueprints,drawings,blueprints,how-to-build,MeiselWoodHobby

Display in your home or in the yard. The plan includes FULL SIZE patterns for both male and female birds. Measures about 7 inches long, they are close to the actual size of real birds. Easy to make from five layers of wood. Cut the center layer from 3/4 inch pine and the remaining layers from 7/16 inch pine.

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Source : WoodworkersWorkshop® Online Store

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