Monday, February 06, 2017

The Nothin-Fancy L-Shaped Plywood Desk.

The Nothin-Fancy L-Shaped Plywood Desk - woodworking update.

The Nothin-Fancy L-Shaped Plywood Desk - fee plans from WoodworkersWorkshop® Online Store - plywood desks,scrollsawing patterns,drawings,plywood,plywoodworking plans,woodworkers projects,workshop blueprints

The nothin-fancy desk. All you need is one sheet of plywood. With some careful cutting you can make a corner desk that will serve you for years of use. The measurements given are the maximum size that can be made from one sheet. If you need a shorter size, simply reduce the size of the parts of the desk you wish to change. Basic instructions included, simply follow the cutting guide and assemble using simple butt joints.

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Source : WoodworkersWorkshop® Online Store

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