Thursday, January 07, 2016

Pro-Guard Arbortech™ Tool Accessory.

Pro-Guard Arbortech™ Tool Accessory - woodworking update.

Pro-Guard Arbortech™ Tool Accessory - online store product from WoodworkersWorkshop® Online Store - pro-guards,accessories,Arbortech™,Arbourtech,wood carving tools,power tools,woodworking,grinders,chippers,chisels

This accessory will turn your angle grinder into a precision shaping tool. The clear, tough polycarbonate shield will allow you clear view of your work while redirecting the wood chips away from you. You should still use protective eye weer. The adjustable depth and allows you to still free hand carve your wood project. Suitable for shaping, trimming, slotting and cutting. Suits most 100mm (4 inch) and 115 mm (4.5 inch) angle grinders. This accessory tool can be used with the Arbortechª product line of power carving woodworking tools.

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